Monday, December 31, 2012


Had a day out with my boyfriend! 
Planned to make a video but Adel backed out because of his pimple.
I think he used that as an excuse cause he was lazy to bring his camera. (Mine can't take videos)
Blame him, guys.

Except for the shoes, everything I wore today was from H&M. (even the stockings!)

Visited my workplace and annoyed everyone. Yay.
Got a clock for my room and a $3 wall decor from Typo!!!!!
$3!! Mad love for end of year sales.

We had cakes at Fruit Paradise Cafe. I LOVE FRUIT CAKES ok.
These were great! Adel had a Banana thingy while I chose Mixed Fruit.

Mine looks kinda weird from here but it was delicious! It looked really nice presentation wise as well.

We watched Wreck It Ralph and I can safely say it was the best animated movie I watched this year. 
And I've watched LOTS of animations this year. (Almost each one that were shown in the cinemas!)

The plot was refreshing, none of that cliche stuff.
I think it's a total must watch.

That sums up my Sunday.
Goodnight, sweetest dreams, readers x

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