Monday, December 31, 2012

how was your year?

This year has gone by FAST.
I still remember the details of 2011's new year's eve.

Things I have achieved this year:

1. Opened a blogshop.
Eipsy is blooming sllllllloooooooooowllllyyyy. At the pace of snail. But it's ok, we'll be there soon.

None of that f&b crap where I end up spilling everything. This time it's proper one with CPF ok! I can get a house soon! Or at least a door knob to my house or something idk.

3. Got a Professional Certificate in Management and Communications (or something like that).
That's pretty cool, i guess!

4. Stayed in a relationship for over a year.
Yeah this man has stuck with me through good and ugly, from his long curls to his short hair, from my 'O' levels results to my diploma examinations. Thankful that my first relationship is a serious one.

2012 was good to me.

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