Monday, December 10, 2012

so, what's in your bag?

I remember wanting to do this for a LONG time but never got around to doing it so here!
Here are the daily items you'll find in my bag. Excluding my cat.

1. Bag from H&M

2. ESPRIT wallet I got from my mum recently.
Contains all my cards and stuff. Sometimes there's money in it hahahahahaha.

3. Victoria Secret's Love Spell perfume

4. Keys to my home featuring a whale keychain I got with Adel a year back.

5. My $4.00 shades. Yay thrifts!

6. Mints. Cause you'll never know if you'll bump into Andrew Garfield at a cafe.

7. Trusty Instax I received as a gift from my family 2 years back.

Of course there's my phone and a pair of headphones but yeah that's basically it!

I think you can tell what kind of person he/she is by looking through the things in their bag but my stuff are pretty basic, I guess you're thinking what a total bore I am.............

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