Thursday, January 03, 2013

babies & books

Used my camera after so long!!! Missed my baby. 
Hope I remember to bring it out more.
All photos aren't edited or resized, so I apologize in advance if the images take some time to load!

The Tom Riddle Diary that Adel had given to me on our anniversary.
I am thoroughly impressed with myself for frequently updating it.
I used to be pretty bad with keeping diaries.

The first page.

And the most recent page.

My happy wall! It's expanding quickly :-)
I can't wait to use my Diana / DSLR again and put up more pictures.

My niece, Reena, and her tiny toes.

Me inhaling in 2013's air and exhaling hate.
HAha kidding this is not a tumblr post.

Grabbed the closes thing. lol. 
My hands are so weirddddddd.

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