Saturday, January 05, 2013

four / one

Once again, it was left with Adel & I.

Stopped by Cold Storage to buy cheese for my sister. Then we took some snapshots. 
Here is Adel staring at the jams.

Bought shoes from Rubi!! I am abusing my staff discount. 
But now I've finally bought myself pumps! Yes, I am on my way to being a lady.
Next, I'll smear dark red lipstick on my face. 

My boyfriend think he's sexy. 
He wore both the bracelets I've gotten for him. 
Told him hundreds of times to just take off the anchor bracelet because it's so loose but he insists on wearing it. :-) :-)


On our first few dates, I remember telling Adel he had weird, stubby fingers. 

I LOOK 14 ok. I can pass as a primary school student as well omg.

This is another photo of my boyfriend staring. Intently at comics, this time.

To end the day, we played pool. I am quite impressed with Adel! He was actually pretty good. 
While I, on the other hand, had only scored 4. Yay.
Oh yes, this is also another photo of Adel staring at some balls. Hehe.

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