Saturday, February 16, 2013

Damn son

 Pierce The Veil's concert last night!

Waiting in line. Three of our friends queued since 12 when the concert starts at 7 PM huwaaat.
Amirah, if you're reading this, we enjoyed your cookies very much! 

The great company I went with. I cropped myself out though hahaha.

PTV was great, I swear. Lively, but I wish they talked a bit more to the audience.
The crowd was slightly crazy, my two friends (+ some other strangers) fell and couldn't get up for 15 seconds. People were too busy jumping/moshing to PTV they ignored the whole group that were on the floor. Helping a fallen stranger is rule number one in concert etiquette ok.

While Adel gave the guys a helping hand, I pushed everyone that was about to step on them lol.
Another stranger dislocated her ankle I think. Ouch.
And all of this was barely 5 minutes into the show.

We ended up going to the back and I didn't mind so much. I was still jumping and enjoying the whole thing without anyone's hair in my face.

SO it was a pretty good night. I grade it A-

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