Saturday, February 16, 2013

sususugar town

I made Adel a mix CD (i am a cheesy girlfriend ok) and it was really fun and cheap to do!

I used:
 1. A piece of pretty paper (for the 'album' cover)
2. A photo of myself (in case he forgets my face haha)
3. $1.80 CD.

For the photo of the cats and my face, I had it printed through my printer so it's technically free!

After cutting the paper and making it nice and pretty, here's how mine looked like.

Used the remaining paper to tape it at the back and wrote down the tracks. Use tape instead of glue so there wont be a wet glob at the back of the paper which will affect the 'album cover'

I made the playlist two weeks in advance and included my voice in it haha :-)

I also made chocolate covered strawberries which was fun to make as well!
Cheap too~! Around $6 or less.

I followed the recipe from here.
My bf and I doesn't celebrate valentines, and I never have. Since it was so insignificant to the both of us, he got me a coupon to Giant at Malaysia lol wtf.

Anyway, I just got home from Pierce The Veil and I'm still pretty hyped about it, will do an update on the concert soon :)

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