Wednesday, April 10, 2013

skinny dip

SO, Adel and I went to the world's biggest aquarium!!! which is conveniently at Singapore. yay.

It was our 18 monthsary thingy and although we're not that big on celebrating monthsarys, we thought we should since  it was the last time we're able to as Adel is flying off to Florida soon.


Me looking all evil and weird but I'm so happy with my new top from F21. 
it's SO CUTE. i love how the colors pop.

My favorite tank because it was sO colorful!!! I love the pink/purple/yellowish fishes. Also there were some fishes from Finding Nemo all in the same tank! So cute!

Super big tank there was like carpets and magical music being played so you can just sit there and enjoy the fishes swimming around.

Love you.
 4 weeks before you go!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and now i'm so exhausted.
The bed calls for my name.


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