Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Me and my fav niece, Reena. She's grown so much! A whole year!!

Something I worked on for Eipsy. 
On a side note, I've been helping out a local blogshop to design a website.
I don't think I'll show it to you guys though cause.. you know.. why would i promote someone else's shop...

Oh and I finally got my diploma last week.

Exciting isn't it?

No, not really.
I've no clue what i'm going to do or suppose to do.
I haven't really sat down and even think about it.

I want to enjoy these few years before i start getting serious.
but at the same i've to face reality.

help? (if my life was a book, I think I would have a crappy job at first then end up being CEO of everything. Yeah.)

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