Saturday, May 04, 2013

day 5

Hi... So Friday was probably our last date together. 
 We planned a picnic but it was scorching hot so we left 10 minutes after eating.

Before we left, Adel surprised me with a few gifts.

"This is the shirt I wore on our first date. So when you miss me you can sleep in it and its even got my scent," 
True enough, the shirt had his perfume sprayed all over. I was already sobbing as soon as he had said the first line.

"And this book you've been contemplating to buy for months."

"I know this was your idea first but I just wanted to make one for you. It's a mixed cd."
I am SO touched he bothered to learn to use photoshop just to make the cover.

He then handed me the letter. I was only starting to read it when I said, 
"I can't even read pass the first four sentences without tearing up!"

"I will love Siti Raudhah Binte Hanafiah,
 till the end of time.
I will love her when she is angry, 
happy, or sad."

A promise you wrote on my hand a long time ago at Burger King.
A promise I plan to keep.

Even if I were to move to the North Pole, no matter the distance, 
there will always be a place in my heart for you.

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