Monday, May 06, 2013

i'll see you again

It was 4:25 A.M
We crowded near the gates.
You said goodbye to everyone, your friends first, then me.
You shook your friends' hands and gave them side hugs.
And as soon as you reached out for me,
As soon as I laid my head on your shoulder,
I was already weeping.

The hug was too short,
There was no time to feel any sort of comfort.
You said 'okay' and we separated.
You went to bid farewell to your family
as I stood behind your friends, hiding my red, wet face.

These people have been with you since forever,
They've known you for the longest time.
So why was I the only one crying so badly?

I watched you enter the gates
And we waved our last goodbyes.

Less than 5 minutes later,
You called and in a choked voice you said,
"I love you so much, babe."

I'll see you in four months.
I love you too, Adel.

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