Thursday, June 13, 2013

I thought of this while I walked home

I stood beneath the traffic light, waiting for the little green man. The image of us laughing and leaning against a brick wall lit up on my phone as I pressed PLAY. You cleared your throat and your voice filled up my ears thru the headphones. I've listened to this over twenty times since you gave it to me. Your singing wasn't the best but your voice was familiar. It was my comfort. 

'Don't go away,' you sang so softly. I turned up the volume to its maximum, listening to each breath you made. 

'I know youre in pain but please stay,' you crooned. I closed my eyes as the tears pricked. I did stay, but you left. You drew the line and told me you had enough. 

I walked across the road, to wherever I was heading,with my mind still clouded with your sudden departure and the sound of your voice was pounding in my ears. 

That was when it happened.

I felt my body fly as it hit the speeding vehicle. I landed back on the concrete floor with the loudest thud. I think every inch of me was broken. Inside and out. But your voice, your voice was still playing. Miraculous, I thought. I'm bruised and in pain and there you are, smiling as you sang. 

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