Thursday, August 22, 2013

take care


My extremely gorgeous denim jacket from forever 21 is my new favorite outerwear!
I literally threw on anything I could find and the outfit turned out pretty well. *pats back*

My date is part of a singing group thingy in his school so he brought me along to see him and his friends sing. If you followed me on twitter, you would have seen me tweeting like a maniac...
and basically the reason i was freaking out was because i was meeting his friends.

me + people =  no bueno!

but it turned out to be pretty chill so i worried over nothing (as usual)


I had the very pleasure of having a companion during my break at work!

can i just add how iphones make everything so much prettier?? i'm so glad my mum and i exchanged phones.

oh yes and of course, my mystery man.

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