Sunday, September 29, 2013

 Last week, Alastair and I went shopping for Stanley's party. The theme was black and Alastair did not own a black shirt. I find this extremely odd because black is the only color i wear.

My new stripey dress!!! I love it so much. Got it second hand from a reseller *-*

 The next day I headed out with Shidah and Effa. 
We went to the coolest flea! Lots of cool local designer stuff.

These girls are extremely fabulous, so lucky to be friends with them.

A few days later i went on my first ever double date!!!

This picture is a clear example of how Alastair enjoys ignoring me and all my jokes.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with the other couple haha but i had an enjoyable date nonetheless.
I felt extremely underdressed because the date was so impromptu u_u  

Last night at Stanley's birthday party~

Alastair and friends are such gems.

ANYWAY, i was thinking of starting a youtube channel where i just.. talk? 
should i? let me know!

Oh yes and I managed to capture Alastair falling into a deep slumber during a party.

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