Tuesday, October 08, 2013



I'm so pleased to tell you guys i am shortlisted to be Scoot's cabin crew!

I guess I did pretty well with the application (I had to do an interview thru webcam and filled up 6 quizzes including basic calculations and the english language) because I received a call earlier today to attend their assessment centre thingy! I was quite excited and calm at the same time!! (Squeals)

I'm honestly terrified and I've a gut feeling I'll be eliminated because of my awkward knees and my BMI isn't up to its requirements but I can only hope for the best. 

YES, i did mention the word 'eliminated'. I did my research on the upcoming interview and it seems like a freaking fashion runway competition to me. Like you can get eliminated after each stage haha!! This isn't america's next top model!! All i wanna do is travel and get paid. haaaaaaaah.

When I applied, I was only trying my luck lol but I'm glad I passed the first two stages. :-)

anyway, here r some recent pictures:

My love for teh peng is invincible. 


Hi Alastair! This guy is slowly teaching my basic mandarin. 
I can hear myself saying 'wo yao teh peng' very often.

Have you ever loved something so much you keep running back to it?

This dress. THIS DRESS. Each time I walk into Topshop I'd walk to this dress and stroke it very slowly. I would honestly purchase it and wear it almost daily if it didn't cost freaking $99.

But I did purchase this gorgeous wallet for only $19!
My previous wallet was starting to fall off :(

Anyway, please wish me luck for my interview with Scoot! 

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