Saturday, November 30, 2013

it's that time of the year

I highly doubt anything spectacular is going to happen in december so i thought i might as well just write how my year was.

2013 has been a very bumpy road.

i started the year with my first boyfriend. i was convinced i was going to last at least another two years with him. he was kind to me but...
i suppose we weren't good for each other.

it was wonderful while it lasted. i still remember the day we first met and the night we bid goodbye.

it was mid year and trying to recover from my first break up was horrible. it didn't help that we were thousands of miles apart at that point of time.

i thought i was going to be shattered forever.
i was sure i would never be happy again.

thankfully, i was wrong.

Shidah, a beautiful, amazing human being listened to me, accompanied me and helped me out.
I would have never gotten through the break up if it weren't for her.

i am also very appreciative of the many messages i received on many of you shared with  me your stories and reassured me everything will be okay. none of your messages were left ignored. thank you.

Even after what had happen to me, i braved myself to love again.

It was unfortunate the relationship had to end at such an early stage but i guess we both saw it coming.

We loved each other very much 
but love is never enough.

During the time he and i were dating, i grew close to a group of insane people.

These people (plus two more that aren't in the picture) always know how to put a smile on my face, it's amazing.

2013 did not go as according to plan but i have absolutely no regrets.

This is one of the first few images of me in January 2013:

And this is a recent image of me in November 2013:

OK LAH THERE ARE VERY MILD CHANGES but at least i am happy?? right??

(this post took a crazy amount of time and a heck lot of emotions)

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