Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#NewYearNewMe #Page1of365 #STUFF

It's been more than a month since i've updated and not much has changed other than my sudden laziness to blog.

I still write, even if it's a two paragraphed shitty nonsense that occurs to my mind when i'm in a bus or while i'm listening to a playlist by a stranger.
Here's something romantically disgusting I wrote on 30 Dec

Anyway, a few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday with my amazing friends and it was downright the most chillest celebration ever.

All we did was went to the beach and played left 4 dead afterwards haha. Best party ever.

Happy 19th birthday spoilt princess. I love you & I don't see why anyone wouldn't.
- Shidah Mars

I look like concrete shit next to her.

And to summarise the things i've learnt in 2013:
  • Boys are crap
  • Friends are jewels
  • Love yourself, save yourself, fix yourself, and you will be happy.

I wish you all a happy new year. 
Have a good 2014, my beautiful Saviours.

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