Friday, April 18, 2014

the night drive


(continued from here)

Everything about Leyla bothered Adam. The way she jumped all around the convenience store was childish. Her voice was too loud for his liking. Even the way she ate annoyed him. It was taking her forever to finish that damn sandwich.

Both Leyla and Adam were seated in his car, parked right outside the convenience store. They were silent as she very slowly consumed her sandwich. “Right,” she began with her mouth full. “Should we re-introduce ourselves? I hate the ‘stranger danger’ aura,” Leyla had finally managed to eat the whole sandwich and was now facing Adam. “My name is Leyla Dhiya. Twenty, and not a murderer,”
Adam rolled his eyes, “That’s what all murderers say,”
“Shush! Quickly, tell me about yourself,” she insisted.
“Fine. Adam Wolf. Twenty two in a week,”
“Wow, not bad, i think that was the first sentence you’ve said tonight without a frown,”
Adam frowned.
“Ah, never mind, there it is again,” Leyla laughed. Adam felt himself smile.

Leyla watched him as he made an attempt to get the radio to work. Adam had messy, black hair  and it contrasted well with his creamy white skin. “Leyla,” he said suddenly, looking up at her. His eyes were the colors of the deep ocean; a mixture of green and blue. “Yes?” she said quietly.
“Let’s get you home,”
Adam was expecting her to throw a fit, he expected her to say something that went like,"But the night is still young!" Instead, she nodded and muttered, “Alright.”

Leyla led the way while constantly asking Adam questions.
“What were you doing at my pool anyway?” she asked.
“I go to different places when I can’t sleep,”
“How often is that?”
“Every night,”
“Why can’t you sleep?”
Adam sighed, "Top secret. Look, we’re here.”

Adam parked his car into her driveway. Her house was huge, much bigger than his. They stopped exchanging words while listening to the loud humming of his car. He couldn’t get the radio to work. “So...” he said under his breath.
“Okay, I’ll go now,” she mumbled, “I guess I’ll see you soon?”
Adam turned to her, “Yeah, maybe,” he acknowledged. Although, at the back of his head, he knew that was unlikely. Leyla gave him a warm smile before stepping out of the car and slamming the door behind her. Without a second thought, Adam drove off.


this isn't much i suppose, just a little introduction to the characters.


  1. I'd love to see how the rest of the story goes! Please continue writing, your way with words is beautiful :)


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