Wednesday, April 09, 2014

tourist for a day

Azrie picked me up from a job interview and I told him, "I've never seen the merlion up close." So he led the way, bringing me to the tinier version of our country's.... mascot.. .. and we blended in with the tourists very well, taking a number of selfies with the vomiting lion/mermaid..

And here we have me facing the magnificent.. esplanade.. that resembles a durian. Amazing...

Right after that we had Nasi Lemak!! So that was a very touristy day.

P.S/ the last time i dyed my hair was last year february but the colour still hasn't faded off as you can see in the picture above i am truly confused if only i knew the secret behind this i would definitely share with all of you!

All i remember was having my mom dyed it for me and then going for 2 hair treatments for 2 months so i suppose the hair treatments helped?

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