Saturday, May 03, 2014


Since I was young, I've always been a very skinny girl and it never ever bothered me... Until, the rude remarks began.

"Are you anorexic?"
"You're basically a pile of bones!"
"How often do you eat?"

Ummm, excuse me...? You don't ask a large person how often they eat, do you? Do you ask if they're obese? ..I don't think so. It's the same for the petite! It's honestly very rude to question someone else's body.  I know this happens a lot to other girls and I really don't understand why people think pointing out that these girls resemble chopsticks is alright. Like, that's really rude, okay???? Don't compare my body to an object!!

As i grew older, I guess I gained slightly more weight and every time I look at my reflection, I think I look okay! No one else thinks that, of course... The BMI says I'm underweight (I've been underweight my whole life) but I'm very confident about my body and the comments I get don't phase me anymore but that doesn't make it okay for people to say rude things to me.

A few months ago, someone I barely knew went up to me and said, "Rau! You're SO skinny!" this comment doesn't bother me at all because I get it so often but she actually had the nerve to go on about my body. "Like, you should eat more. Put some meat on your arms."

Umm...? You might as well say I looked like a walking skeleton.

If i was larger would she have said, "Rau! You're SO fat! Like, you shouldn't eat so much. Lose some weight." ? The chances of her saying that is probably slim (hehe) because, well, what kind of asshole would say that? Same logic applies to the skinnies!

And please, If you know me, I eat quite a decent amount of food a day. I stuff my face with chips, m&m's, and instant noodles but it's still hard for me to gain weight. I have a high metabolism rate which basically means the food i eat burn at a faster rate than average. I wish this was permanent but all these unhealthy food will catch up to me one day, I know it!

Anyway, that aside, skinny people have feelings too, okay! Rude remarks about people's bodies aren't cool! I'm not saying skinner people have it worse than larger people do or vice versa, I'm just pointing out that all sorts of body shapes deserves respect.

If you're thinking of complimenting a skinny person but you don't know how to do it without sounding offensive, here's a list of words that might help:

1. Slim
2. Beautiful
3. Gorgeous
4. Damn girl, you fine

p.s/ i hate the whole 'b0nes r 4 dawgs, only REEL men go 4 CUurves!~' thing

like shut up,  i don't think my body has to fulfil the requirements of men and their wants!

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